About Superloyal

Superloyal emerged as a pioneering force in the customer loyalty landscape, right in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, a city renowned for its technological innovation and creative spirit.

The core mission of Superloyal is to address a significant challenge: missed opportunities for cross-brand engagement. The vision is clear and bold – to develop a unified platform that could bring together various brands under a single, versatile loyalty platform, not just enhancing sales but cultivating a genuine sense of community and connection among customers of different brands.

The platform is designed to do more than just streamline customer engagement; it aims to foster a sense of interconnectedness and belonging, enhancing cross-selling and brand synergy.

With Superloyal, the landscape of customer relationships was redefined, transforming every transaction into an opportunity for building enduring brand loyalty.

The company and product's potential was evident early-on through the support from early investors Antler and Greens Ventures. Superloyal stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation, community, and the collective strength of brands working together.
“Customer loyalty is the holy grail of marketing. As acquisition costs soar, it pays for brands to focus on their existing customers.”​
— Luke Scheybeler
Co-founder of Rapha, Tracksmith, two of the world’s leading sportswear brands. Strategic advisor to Superloyal.