Cookie Policy

Last amended: 11 November, 2023

Users may, at any time,change and manage their preferences regarding the use of Cookies in the DigitalChannels, through the cookie management tool made available in Section 6(Security, management and blocking of cookies).

Certain Cookies may allow for the identification of the user and, therefore, the Digital Channels, depending on which permissions you grant them, may collect personal data. Taking this into account, users should read the Privacy Policy available here, which provides further information and complements this Cookie Policy.  


Cookies are small information files, usually in html format, stored by a website in your equipment (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.). All cookies and other tracking technologies, such as tags, pixel tags, web beacons, user IDs or other technological forms that may be developed, are regulated by this Policy (jointly, “Cookies”).

On each visit to the Digital Channels, your internet browser permits access to the Cookies installed on your equipment, allowing the recognition and memorisation of your digital identifier (when applicable), as well as the immediate activation of your usage preferences. These Cookies will only be placed on your device with your express and opt-in consent, except in the case of strictly necessary cookies which are required for the Digital Channels to work.

Regarding strictly necessary cookies, users may delete them or set up their device to ensure that they are automatically blocked according to the instructions provided under Section 6 (Security, management and blocking of Cookies).


Cookies may be used to ensure that the Digital Channels essential features remain in working order, to improve its performance and to allow the collection of certain user’s information and preferences. Cookies may also be used to show advertisements that are more relevant for your interests, in accordance with your browser history and Cookies already installed.

The specific use of Cookies carried out by the Digital Channels is described throughout this Policy.


The Digital Channels may set different types of cookies, with which category being related to a different purpose:

• Strictly Necessary Cookies – Without these cookies we cannot provide you access to core features of the Digital Channels and/or access functionalities explicitly requested by you. These may be required to provide you access to features such as hotel reservations, allow you to access your website account and ensure the security of your navigation. You may configure your browser to block or alert you about these cookies. However, note that his may affect core features of the website.

• Personalisation Cookies – By using these cookies it is possible to offer a more tailored browsing experience and provide access to features that, while not strictly necessary, may enrich your navigation.

• Analytics Cookies – These cookies are used to collect statistical information. Through this information, website owners are able to analyse how their websites are used and how users interact with the different webpages. These cookies may also be used, along with advertising cookies, to count the interactions with the advertisements on the website.

• Advertising Cookies – Through these cookies it is possible to make advertisements that are more relevant and attractive to both users and advertisers. These cookies may be used to show you personalised advertisements that are in line with your preferences and to avoid showing you promotional information that you have already seen or have marked as irrelevant. They can also be used to improve reporting on campaign performance.

• Location Data – when you expressly authorise us to do so, we may collect data about your location to provide you with a service that depends on the use of your location. Please note that the Digital Channels may not use all the types of cookies referred above.

You may find more detailed information regarding the Cookies we use and their main characteristics, including who is the controller, mode of operation, purpose, retention period, and sharing of data with third parties.


Each Cookie has a domain name associated with it, and may be classified, with respect to its origin, by the following categories:

• First party Cookies: managed and stored by the domains of the Controller or its affiliates.

• Third party cookies: Cookies placed on the user’s device through a domain or device managed by a third party whose content or technological solution is integrated within the Digital Channels. In this case, the third party may process data collected through Cookies and the Controller may be unable to configure/change the cookies’ operation.

You may find more information regarding the first- and third-party Cookies we used in the hyperlink provided in the previous section.


Regarding their duration (storage period), cookies may be classified as follows:

• Session cookies: these cookies will be deleted when or shortly after the user ends the browser session or closes the browser or application used to access the Digital Channels.

• Persistent cookies: stored for longer periods, to delete these cookies either an active action by the user or the end of the defined storage period is required.


As cookies may be intercepted or altered, the following security actions are taken:

• Sensitive information such as passwords or personal data used for the purpose of booking reservations, such as the customer's address or telephone number, is not stored;

• Unsecured orders (HTTP) are not sent when cookies are sent to the browser in plain text and may be intercepted